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Banana Choc Icebergs
Yummy party treat for kids! Just bananas and icing, really :)

Recipe is over here

We are moving house soon. I hope the dog is going to like his new home! And we're having a friend's greyhound to stay for the weekend, in a couple of weeks. I'll post some pics then. Louie and rosie like each other, so I think it will go really well. It will be easier on Rosie than having to go into a kennel, that's for sure!

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The dogs feel comfy when in a group so having a friend over should make the move seem like nothing but fun! :)

I sure hope so! Thanks :)

Lou loved it last time we had a dog to stay - he was jealous for the first day but after that he was so happy. We cant wait til we have space to get him his full-time friend :)

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