Spending your Last Penny - Wisely!

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Dog (greyhound!) training :)
My Lou is getting so much better at minding me when I take him out. It used to be that he was great with Fatima, but his selective deafness was at full alert when he went out with me.

But now he is great with both of us.

I took him down to the school tonight for a quick run (there have been dogs getting sick on the beach where we usually take him - no-one seems to know if it's an algae bloom or something more sinister) and I let him off in the cul de sac, and he's really so good.

He's still not marvellous - I need to find a fenced paddock and teach him to do his obedience work off-leash as well as on - but he *does* come back when he's called, and he's learned what "off the road" means; so hopefully if he ever managed to get out (god forbid) unsupervised, he'd be safer.

Oh, and there's some more pics of him and his brother on the NZ greyhound blog over here; and I've put my favourite winter soup (Italian Vege) (it's winter in NZ right now) up on LastPenny :D


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