Spending your Last Penny - Wisely!

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Baking staples - things to keep in the pantry
I just wrote a post about baking staples at my blog LastPenny over on Blogger.

Read the post here if you're interested.


I've been accused of using this LJ to "promote" my blog on Blogger - LastPenny, over here - and I suppose in a way I am, in that, I'm not typing all my posts out twice - I blog on LastPenny and put notifications up here - BUT!

The reason I've got this LJ is to meet other people who are into saving money and doing things the "old ways" - home baking, sharing recipes, and being careful with cash, rather than buying into today's "instant gratification" society.

I'd LOVE to be friends with you, and chat, if you're into those things too.

As far as "promoting" my blog on blogger is concerned, I don't know what I have to "promote" - it's merely what I'm saying, and that's the place I said it. It's not for pay, there's nothing to buy, you don't have to tell me who you are... In short, I don't gain anything by people going over there. It's simply the forum I happen to use for my blog.

I'm not going to type up all my blogger posts over here too, but I do want people who want to be friends with me to know what I'm saying over there, because chances are, it's gonna be of interest to them as well as to me.


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