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Update on Kev :)
I posted the other day about Kev, the dog our friend the vet saved :)

Well we fostered him at the beginning of the week, and were able to assess him as cat-trainable, and he's gone into the Greyhounds as Pets programme already. And he's already reserved. Hopefully he'll be off to his new family and his forever home next week.

He's a wonderful dog and he's landed squalrely on his feet, seems like.

There's a pic of him, with our Louie's litter-brother Cruzer, over here :)

Banana Choc Icebergs
Yummy party treat for kids! Just bananas and icing, really :)

Recipe is over here

We are moving house soon. I hope the dog is going to like his new home! And we're having a friend's greyhound to stay for the weekend, in a couple of weeks. I'll post some pics then. Louie and rosie like each other, so I think it will go really well. It will be easier on Rosie than having to go into a kennel, that's for sure!

Cheat's Fish Pie
I've just posted my favourite fish pie recipe over here on my blogger account if anyone's interested.


Dog (greyhound!) training :)
My Lou is getting so much better at minding me when I take him out. It used to be that he was great with Fatima, but his selective deafness was at full alert when he went out with me.

But now he is great with both of us.

I took him down to the school tonight for a quick run (there have been dogs getting sick on the beach where we usually take him - no-one seems to know if it's an algae bloom or something more sinister) and I let him off in the cul de sac, and he's really so good.

He's still not marvellous - I need to find a fenced paddock and teach him to do his obedience work off-leash as well as on - but he *does* come back when he's called, and he's learned what "off the road" means; so hopefully if he ever managed to get out (god forbid) unsupervised, he'd be safer.

Oh, and there's some more pics of him and his brother on the NZ greyhound blog over here; and I've put my favourite winter soup (Italian Vege) (it's winter in NZ right now) up on LastPenny :D

My Greyhound Blog
I've started a blog over here at Greyhounds NZ where all the people who have adopted their forever friends through GAP NZ can send pics and I'll publish them; this is a resource for the trainers to see pics of their dogs after rehoming, and for the foster carers to see them; also for prospective greyhound owners to have a look at pics of the dogs interacting with their new animal and human friends.

LastPenny's got a new look - and a new tip
Check out our new look :)

The site design is from Deluxe templates who have some very cool blogger templates. Next step: learning to customize my LJ theme :D

Our latest tip at LastPenny is about travelling. I work in a small business, and sometimes I have to travel - and I know that my traveling expenses hurt the company. Other times, I have to travel for one of my contract-IT roles, and that just plain hurts *my own* pocket.

Soi, I thought it was time to compile some tips for those times when traveling can't be avoided - how to do it and save your cash too.

Find the travelling tips over here

Last Penny Recipes - updated daily. Got a recipe you'd love to share? I'd love to publish it for you with links to yourwebsite :)
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Baking staples - things to keep in the pantry
I just wrote a post about baking staples at my blog LastPenny over on Blogger.

Read the post here if you're interested.


I've been accused of using this LJ to "promote" my blog on Blogger - LastPenny, over here - and I suppose in a way I am, in that, I'm not typing all my posts out twice - I blog on LastPenny and put notifications up here - BUT!

The reason I've got this LJ is to meet other people who are into saving money and doing things the "old ways" - home baking, sharing recipes, and being careful with cash, rather than buying into today's "instant gratification" society.

I'd LOVE to be friends with you, and chat, if you're into those things too.

As far as "promoting" my blog on blogger is concerned, I don't know what I have to "promote" - it's merely what I'm saying, and that's the place I said it. It's not for pay, there's nothing to buy, you don't have to tell me who you are... In short, I don't gain anything by people going over there. It's simply the forum I happen to use for my blog.

I'm not going to type up all my blogger posts over here too, but I do want people who want to be friends with me to know what I'm saying over there, because chances are, it's gonna be of interest to them as well as to me.

Baking at home - what do you need to get started...
With the busy, instant focus of life in this new millennium, many of us simply aren't set up to bake at home. We're missing a number of the key items we need to get going. But don't despair! Don't put home baking in the too hard basket, or think it will take a lot of expensive equipment to get going.

So what utensils do I need to bake at home?

Find out here

My Honey Loaf recipe
Honey Loaf is a sweet-tasting, cake-like loaf, perfect as morning or afternoon tea, as a lunch-box filler, or as a dessert.

And best of all, it's very very simple to make and uses a selection of relatively cheap ingredients.

We make this at home all the time - it's a family favorite!

Honey Loaf

Honey Mustard Chicken
This is one of my favorite recipes, very fast and easy to make and it's always popular. It takes less than 15 minutes, start to end, and it's a one-pan, one bowl dish!

The recipe is here Honey Mustard Chicken.

Enjoy! I hope you like it as much as I do.


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